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More and more shops use 91App to sell online.

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MorningShop is a leading vertical e-commerce site offering healthy breakfast cereals in Taiwan. We have more than 200 different kinds of cereals and we handpick the best of the best cereals for all Malaysians! Our ultimate goal is to provide various high-quality and convenient breakfast option to help everyone build a healthy lifestyle.

Website: www.morningshop.com.my


The one and only Official Website and APP of Yohofate MY where you’re able to get your hands on exclusive merchandise Master YuYang has designed to help you attract luck. We also offer other products and services such as bestow blessing ceremony, smoke offering ritual, latest video tutorial on attracting luck, information on numerology and more! We can help to turn your boat around and satisfy all your wishes.

Website: www.shop-my.yohofate.com


MKUP MY Official Online Beauty Store. We provide quality and affordable makeup products to enhance your personal daily routine beauty life. Zero effortless, Zero technique and 200% Up beauty results. Be yourself, be your own Beauty Endorser by mastering the latest beauty trends together with MKUP MY.

Website: www.mkup.my


4allbeauty is Your One Stop Beauty Solution, an official site for Koji, Kracie, Avance, Maithong, Bison, 1028 Visual Therapy products from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and etc. We have built our reputation on supplying a good wide selection of premium quality beauty yet trendy products to the market.

Website: www.4allbeauty.com


iQueen MY is the exclusive retailer for most of the brands which inherited from Taiwan famous online shopping website. At iQueen, we hope you can have a taste to be a Queen while enjoying a wonderful shopping experience. We strive to offer special, high-quality, and hot-selling products to Malaysia.

Website: www.iqueen.my

Lefan Malaysia

At Lefan, our goal is to bring you innovative and therapeutic devices to improve daily life. We create portable products that allow you to relax and de-stress your body on the go. Our aim has been to provide high-quality experiences to the community. We explore different types of products which can provide comfort and convenience to people in their busy daily lives.

Website: www.lfwellness.com.my


Orlando Menswear

Orlando is a leading brand name in the industry. It’s known for its insistence on superior quality and excellence in workmanship paying attention to the individual’s needs of a range of merchandise of “made to fit” cuttings. We provide exquisite business wear and refined casual wear for sophisticated customers who want to be impeccably dressed for every occasions.

Website: www.orlando.com.my