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Official Website

One-Stop Station To Launch An E-Commerce Website

You don’t have to design, write program or customize your website from scratch. Just prepare your products & picture materials and you’re ready to set up the most comprehensive shopping website with your own branding which also supports cross device mobile shopping.

The latest AWD Technology

By adopting Adaptive Web Design, a technology beyond RWD which is also adopted by Amazon and Facebook, the smart detection feature is able to fit different screen size and automatically adjusted to the best mobile shopping interface. Even if you have a desktop/laptop, tablet or smartphone, you’re able to establish 3 stores at the same time easily! It can effectively save your shopping website’s maintenance manpower and development cost, as you no longer need to triple up your workload or busy changing image sizes just want to make sure it fits different devices’ screen size.

The Best Website Interface & User Experience

The specialized user interface (UI) & user experience (UX) developed by a professional design team, provide the best design for your customer for online shopping browsing, traffic flow and experiencing, in order to boost the conversion rate, and attract more sales.

Your domain name

Your e-commerce website can use a new or existing domain name. We help you configure your existing domain or we provide a sub-domain such as fb-shop-demo.91app.com for all cooperative seller also.

Official Apps

Build the app in 5 mins

Not only your website can be done in a minute, as long as you get the logo and image materials ready, your brand's exclusive mobile APP can also be done easily in just a few steps.

Free APP Push Notification Tool

Other than sending EDM and SMS, what other marketing tools does an online seller have? Through APP Push Notification, you can send almost 100% of your promotion content to whom downloaded your APP for free.

One-step APP launching and free updates

After fill in the required details of your apps, we will help the merchants to apply all the applications to launch the apps.

IOS and Android Dual System

Regardless the system is iOS from Apple or Android from Google, 91APP will provide the most powerful dual system shopping APP established by our strong developing team.

Member Management

Having Your Brand's Own Member

Regardless you're managing brands, operating social media or pushing advertisements, having your own members is always the key to success. 91APP provides an independent CRM System for each exclusive Brand owner to analyze and export data anytime.

Support Facebook Login

Integrate with Facebook login mechanism, convenient for your customer to register quickly and login as a member.

Member Segmentation

In membership management interface, you can segment your member based on consumption time span, transaction status, and member registration source. After your member is segmented, you can export the data and send your own EDM, SMS or APP Push Notification to achieve precision marketing.

Payment & Shipping

Credit Card & Online Banking

Once your account has been activated, our system is connected with MoLPay.It able to support Visa, Mastercard Credit Card and online bank transfer from Malaysia's majority banks. Also, it supports 3D verification code, provides the most secure online payment service. The entire checkout process has been designed by our profession UI & UX team, in which you can complete the checkout process by using a credit card in just a few seconds.

Easyparcel Service

Other than home delivery, there's also an add-on service for sellers to choose from. Our system has an in-depth integration with EasyParcel service, for sellers who already have an EasyParcel account, they can decide whether to use courier service through EasyParcel to pick up or deliver their parcel.

Manage Your Product

Mass Upload

The Mass Upload feature allows merchants to easily manage large inventories. This feature generates an excel file that can be downloaded directly from the website.Merchants can upload up to 5000 products in one time.

Set Up Product SEO

Each product and category page can have its own SEO Title, Keywords, and Description. If those items are missing, the system will automatically bring in default copywriting to help you run SEO, save time and labor in editing and testing.

Product Stock and Mass Editing

Keep track your inventory status anytime and use mass editing function to make massive changes to your product stock quantity, SKU number, product variations and mass order quantity.

Marketing Tools

Video Marketing

Video marketing may be the key to attract new customers and sell your product. Merchants can insert video on the website to catch the audience's eyes.


"Welcome Coupon" can be used to attract customers to download your APP once your APP has gone live to boost download volume. On the other hand, you can also use a "Serial Number Coupon" for new product launching or event promotion to increase sales. While "Redeemed Coupon" can be used for daily events to bring in more traffic and sales.


91APP provides multiple discount mechanisms. For example, spend the required amount to get discounts or purchase certain quantities to get discounts, receive a free gift when you spend a required amount etc. Besides, the total amount under these complex discount mechanisms will be instantly calculated in the shopping cart.

Limited Sales

By using Product Limited Sales function, you can organize a special offer price flash sale to bring massive traffic to your store. 

Traffic & Analytics

In-Depth Integration with Facebook Advertisement

By integrating the most comprehensive & precise Facebook Pixels for your website and Facebook SDK for APP to collect events, it helps you to implement your full-funnel marketing quickly by providing product catalog to build a dynamic Facebook product advertisement.

Operating Climate Report

Through operating climate report, you can access to four statistics reports on operation, membership, promotion, and service. Analyze the operational status of your store and utilize your key selling points.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

People who look for information on the internet is still an important and tremendous source of traffic. Hence, 91APP will help you to build an SEO basic information architecture, which includes Website Title, Keywords, description for Home Page, Product & Product Category Page, Promotion Page and content marketing module.

Key Indicator Data

Through Key Indicator Data, it'll help you to keep track on Five Key Points of Omni-Channel, which are Traffic, Product, Marketing, Membership, and Service. Monitor your store operating status and adjust your store strategy instantly.

Security & Hosting

7/24 Professional Tech Team Service

Our servers and network are fast, reliable and secure . This ensures that your website is always online and available to consumers.

Free & Unlimited bandwidth

Merchants can enjoy free and unlimited bandwidth & storage without paying extra money.